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WW2 on the Web - Untitled document This ring has many sites covering aspects of WW2 from people, battles memories and other related info

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WW2 on the Web

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This ring has many sites covering aspects of WW2 from people, battles memories and other related information.


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   The Cyber-Museum of World War II Preview Go
A nifty site concerning some of the more obscure World War II topics.
   1st Infantry Division, E Co.16th Infantry Regiment UK Preview Go
The First Division has focused its impression upon E Company, 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment U.S. First Infantry Division. In doing so we can ensure that as far as possible the clothing, arms and equipment used gives an accurate representation of U.S. Infantry soldiers in Northwest Eupope, with particular attention paid to the assault troops of D-Day 1944.
   Easy Co., 39th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division Preview Go
Re-enacting 39th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division located in California. Unit famous for the AAA-O slogan as said by Paddy Flint "The enemy who sees our regiment in combat, if they live through the battle, will know to run the next time they see us coming."

   The WWII Project Preview Go
Daily updates of the top headlines from 70 years ago. Shows how key war events were reported at the time, through the fog of war.
   Bunker Pictures Preview Go
Pictures, locations, information about bunkers from WW2, The Atlantikwall and the Cold War.
   ww2 in colour Preview Go
Over 700 colour photos from world war 2, Also a place to discuss all things ww2, a place to upload, share and view ww2 pictures.
   World War 2 in the Pacific Preview Go
A comprehsive look into the Pacific War of World War 2.
   The Historical Genealogy Collection Preview Go
Welcome to Maximilian's Historical GenLink Collection. This freeware puts nearly 30,000 Genealogy & History links on your desktop and provides a powerful search engine to find what you need FAST! More info can be found in the HELP file. Enjoy!
   Military Code of Honor Preview Go
As a combat wounded veteran, I offer to speak for fallen friends - In war, it is understood that you give your word of honor to do your duty -- that is -- stand and fight instead of running away and deserting your friends - When you keep your word despite desperately desiring to flee the screaming hell all around, you earn honor - Earning honor under fire changes who you are.
   Squadron Patches of WWII - UPDATED 6-5-2011 Preview Go
WWII Squadron Patch Picture Gallery ~ visual collection of WWII Squadron Patches from Disney, Warner Brothers, RKO and more! My Collection of WWII Squadron patches. USAAF, USN, USMC, AVG and others. Fighter, Bomber, Pursuit and other squadrons. Blood Chits, Crash axes, Survival knives, folding machetes, etc.

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